Bikes are by no means a cheap purchase ! They offer a ton of fun, exercise, and just general enjoyment, but they are an investment as well. Because of this, many people wonder exactly when bikes go on sale.

So when do bicycles go on sale? Bicycles tend to go on sale throughout the year, including when you would expect like Black Friday, but also in times like January and even when the Tour-De-France is being held.

Let’s dig in, and see when, and why different times are the best time to buy a bike to get a great price.

1. Late Summer & Early Fall

Much like cars, bikes are released by model years! When a new model year becomes available, the old bikes then begin to lose value.

The shops that have last year’s bikes on hand, want to quickly move their remaining inventory and offer major discounts to make that happen.

Keep in mind though, it’s only while supplies last!

This is a great way to buy a bike at a discount, as most of the time, incoming bikes tend to only have minor upgrades or adjustments to them, so getting a very similar bike for a major discount is awesome.

If you keep a close eye out, this retailer right here has some awesome deals going on during these times of the year when they are trying to move out inventory.

2. Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Of course, this is the one everyone thinks of. Black Friday and Cyber Monday (at least in the USA) have quickly become the shopping day of the year, and bikes are no different.

You can get awesome prices on a range of low, middle, and even high-end bikes for lower prices than you would expect. It’s an awesome chance to snag a great bike.

3. Tour-de-France

Did you know that many manufacturers also launch bikes around the same time that Tour-de-France takes place? This is one of the biggest times of the year when the whole world is watching the bike industry.

Because of this, manufacturers release bikes, and then the old bikes become discounted. This is kinda like a secondary Black Friday! So keep an eye on this race, and on the prices, it makes happen.

A great company to pay attention to during this time of the year is this one right here.

4. January

Once Christmas is over, big-box retailers still have a surplus of stock that they need to move away from!

In January, and even February these big-box retailers will begin to heavily discount their bikes so that they can move the next season’s items into their stores.

This makes it an awesome time to get yourself your first bike, or maybe a kid’s bike for the upcoming summer!

What are some other great ways to save money when buying a bicycle?

So you need a bike now, and can’t wait for one of the different times above? Here are some other great ways to save some money.

Join manufacturer and retailer email lists

Different manufacturers and retailers send out emails regularly that will allow you to be able to save money by being notified on clearance sales, discounted products, and even coupon codes.

Go onto your favorite bike manufacturer’s website , and find their email newsletter signup form! Once you get that over to them, they will let you know when sales are starting.

Look for coupons online

If you have decided on a bike, and are ready to buy, make sure to quickly do a search for the retailer or manufacturer of the bike you are going with plus the word “coupon” to see if there are any coupons out there.

You will be surprised to find that many of these places will allow further discounts that you didn’t know about!

Negotiate with the seller

I remember as a young kid, I had gone to so many yard sales, that I thought negotiating was just how things were.

Because of this, I found myself in a store trying to negotiate a great price on a baseball… but was greeted with a strange look from the salesman at the counter.

Of course, in many stores, you can’t negotiate… however with bikes it’s a bit different! If you are in a specialty shop (much like car shopping), you can offer them a price! Bikes don’t have crazy amounts of margin, but you can always try.

That didn’t work? Accessories (like fenders) and tune-up packages for the future may be a great way to negotiate, as that is something they may be able to throw in to make the deal work.

Think about buying a used bike

Finally, if nothing else has worked, find yourself a great used bike! I recently stumbled upon a hybrid bike that I ended up buying for $25.

It works awesome, and gets the job done! Sure it isn’t perfect, and needs a little work, but it can get me from point A to point B well enough.

Many times, you can easily find bikes at yard sales for awesome prices! Many people will have bikes that they don’t understand, and deeply discount them well below their actual worth.

A quick warning

Some people (me included) tend to buy things because they are at a deep discount. However when it comes to bikes , make sure you are buying exactly what you need, more specifically one you will fit.

If you find a bike that is a size too big, or a size too small and buy it just because it is on sale, then you are quickly going to find you don’t enjoy riding that bike as much as you should.

It’s like a great pair of shoes that just don’t quite fit. The moral of the story, buy the right size bike for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do bikes get cheaper in the winter ?

Bicycles tend to decrease in price during the winter months of November, December, January, and February. However, this isn’t necessarily true for everyone! Bicycle prices are known to fluctuate constantly which means that you can find incredible deals at any time of year.

When should I buy a new bike?

You should buy a new bicycle whenever you are ready. Sure, you can wait for some good sales, however, if you need a new bike and it is keeping you from riding on the trails now, it might be worth buying now. If you can wait though, make sure to keep an eye out for those specific times of the year when bikes go on sale to save a few bucks.

Is buying a bike a good investment?

A bicycle is not something that will go up in value over time (generally speaking). That said, it is a great investment in yourself to have some great exercise and get out in nature. It is up to you as to if it is a good investment or not, just don’t think you will make any money on buying one.


These were some of the ways that you can save money when buying a bike! Combining negotiations, and the right timing of the year can result in you having an awesome bike for a price you never thought possible.