Schwinn is a well-known brand when it comes to bicycles. They offer a wide variety of bikes for all types of riders, from beginners to experts. In this article, we will compare the Schwinn Boundary to the Schwinn Axum DP. We will look at the features of each bike and help you decide which one is right for you!

The Schwinn Boundary and Axum are both some of the best value bicycles that are sold at big-box retailers! Both are 29″ wheel bicycles, and both offer similar specifications such as size, brake type, build type and so much more. So is the Schwinn Axum DP (DP stands for Drop Post) worth the extra $200ish, or should you be opting for the Boundary?

If you want a great entry level mountain bike that has all of the makings of a higher end bicycle, then the Schwinn Boundary is your best bet. If you want some awesome features like a dropper post, an extra gear, and a fork with a bit more travel and a lockout feature, then the Schwinn Axum DP is a best bet.

What to know about the Schwinn Boundary?

This lightweight aluminum frame bike is perfect for aggressive trail rides, thanks to updated geometry that includes a tapered headtube and 80mm of travel on the suspension fork.

You’ll love the ride comfort provided by the larger 32mm stanchions, while the 7-speed trigger shifter with Pro Rush 1×7 wide-range drivetrain gives you superior performance when riding over rough terrain.

Front and rear disc brakes provide crisp stopping power in any conditions, while the shorter 70 mm alloy stem and wider 720 mm handlebar provides an improved fit.


  • Suspension: Front suspension only with 80mm travel
  • Handlebar: 70 mm alloy stem and wider 720 mm handlebar
  • Drivetrain: Pro Rush 1×7 wide-range drivetrain (14-38 freewheel and 30t chainring)
  • Brakes: Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • Wheel Size: 29″ wheels
  • Frame Type: Aluminum
  • Head Tube: Tapered
  • Frame Size: Large

What should you know about the Schwinn Axum?

The Schwinn Axum mountain bike is perfect for rugged trails and casual rides. Featuring a light Schwinn aluminum frame with a suspension fork, this bike is built to handle whatever you throw at it.

With 100 mm of travel in the front suspension fork and a lockout feature, you can easily adjust your ride to suit your needs. Plus, the KS EXA 900i dropper post makes it easy to adjust your seat height on the fly for optimal performance.


  • Suspension: Front suspension only with 100 mm travel
  • Handlebar: 70 mm alloy stem and wider 720 mm handlebar
  • Drivetrain: Axe 1×8 wide-range drivetrain (11-40t cassette)
  • Brakes: Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • Wheel Size: 29″ wheels
  • Frame Type: Aluminum
  • Head Tube: Tapered
  • Frame Size: Available in both Medium and Large

Which should you choose between the Schwinn Axum and Schwinn Boundary?

If you are looking for basic fun on the mountain bike trails, the Schwinn Boundary is an awesome value. It gets you everything you need out of a mountain bike to take it on the trails , but not much else. I own this bicycle and enjoy it a ton. I have been highly impressed by the quality of all of the components about the price.

However if you want to step up your game to something a bit more serious, but still not quite a specialty bike store bike, then the Axum DP is probably going to be your best bet. The upgrade from 80mm to 100mm of travel on the fork will allow for harder bumps to be hit, that extra gear (1×8 instead of 1×7) will allow for more range, and of course, you can’t forget the dropper post (one of the most affordable bikes with this feature).

Another huge benefit for the Axum DP is that it is available in both Medium (17″ frame) and Large (19″ frame) sizing, which means that you can get the right one for your size, rather than just making a large size work.

Are big-box bikes like these Schwinn’s any good?

In the past, Big-Box bikes like Schwinn’s, Genesis, Mongoose, and many more were considered lesser than bicycles. They didn’t have the components, geometry, and more to stand up to the bicycles that you would find in specialty bike stores like Trek and others.

However, in recent times, bicycles like the Schwinn Boundary and the Axum DP have upped their game, and given these more expensive bicycles a run for their money. This has resulted in these other companies having to innovate more to keep up with these lower-end bicycles.

Nowadays, Schwinn is kicking out some awesome bicycles that offer great value. I have had quite a few Schwinn bikes and have enjoyed them all.

I highly recommend starting with one of these bikes, and then graduating to something better down the road when you are ready to make that happen, and spend the money. In the meantime, you will have a fantastic bike, that can even handle tons of upgrades that would normally in the past be reserved for a much higher-end bicycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Schwinn Axum weigh?

The Schwinn Axum is around 36 pounds. While this is by no means the lightest weight bicycle, it is still very respectable and results in a mountain bike that you can toss around easily.

Are Schwinn bikes good?

I am a huge fan of Schwinn bicycles. They offer a fantastic value, that allows for people to get out and ride their bikes on the trails without having to spend a ton of money. In recent years they have made bikes that are extremely comparable to much higher-end cycles.

Who owns Schwinn now?

Schwinn, among many other big-box brands, is owned by Pacific Cycles. This company imports bicycles, and sells them as value-oriented bikes.


The Schwinn Boundary is a great entry-level mountain bike, while the Schwinn Axum DP is a great bicycle for those looking to up their game from entry-level to something more along the lines of intermediate. I highly recommend Schwinn bicycles to anyone looking for an affordable and fun ride.

If you are someone that has quite a bit of experience in mountain biking , you may want to look at something more expensive and more upgradable, as you may find these to be a bit less than what you are wanting. However, if you are just starting, these can be a launchpad for your new hobby.