Hybrid bicycles have quickly been growing in popularity! You may have mistaken them for a lighter-weight mountain bike or maybe even a road bike, as they meld the two together. Regardless, you likely have seen many of them without even realizing it.

Hybrid bicycles are a mixture of a road bike and a mountain bike. This cycle style takes the more upright seating position, rugged design, and flat handlebars of the mountain bike. It then mixes that with the much thinner 700c wheels you will find on a road bike. This creates a comfortable yet capable and nimble bike. Its major downside is that it may be good at many things but is excellent at none.

What makes up a hybrid bike?

Hybrid bikes often have a frame similar to mountain bikes with more upright seating. This makes the bikes more comfortable over short distances as you are not leaning forward and putting additional strain on your lower back or shoulders.

The tires and wheels on a hybrid bike are similar to those on touring and road bikes . These are fantastic for getting up to a higher rate of speed, yet their additional tread allows them to do light off-roading.

Hybrid bikes usually come with three chainrings on the front (front gears), similar to touring bikes. This helps you get up hills quickly and is more comfortable if you have installed a rack and are carrying a large load. 

Finally, the mountain bike’s influences are the flat handlebars and the occasional addition of front shocks. The flat bars on hybrid bikes are comfortable and give you a wide grip, making breathing more manageable as it opens up your chest and lungs. The shocks give you a smoother ride.

Are Hybrid Bicycles electric?

While the term hybrid in everyday life refers to an electric and gas-powered car, that does not translate into the cycling world. Just because a bicycle is a hybrid does not mean it has any electric components.

That said, there are electric hybrid bicycles like these! However, not every hybrid bicycle is electric.

Who is a hybrid bike suitable for?

Just about anyone, they come in many sizes and are usually unisex. Their popularity comes from their versatility and wide range of uses. 

Hybrid bikes are perfect for cycling commuters, beginner cyclists, and anyone who wants a bike to ride on the road and the occasional gravel trail or even to take part in a short-distance triathlon. 

We have a couple of different hybrid bikes , which make for a fantastic bike that is extremely fun. We would regularly ride our hybrid bicycles for 10 to 15 miles.

If you are on the hunt for a great hybrid bike on a budget, we really like this one!

What is the difference between a hybrid bike and a gravel bike?

A hybrid bike and a gravel bike are similar. However, they are on different sides of the spectrum. While a hybrid bike utilizes a more mountain bike design with thinner wheels, a gravel bike uses a road bike frame with thicker wheels.

Ultimately, a gravel bike will be better for those looking for longer distances and quicker rides. Meanwhile, a hybrid bike will be better for those looking to cruise around town with the need to go off-road every so often.


There are many bikes out there, ranging from mountain to road bikes. However, a Hybrid Bike is just what it sounds like, an in-between that works for many people! It may not be the best in any category but it does well in many things.