Bicycle seats come in all shapes, sizes and materials. The size of them can put many people off even getting on a bicycle, as let’s face it, they do not look like they could be comfortable, especially for long periods at a time. 

While “most” bicycle seats are universal and interchangeable, not all bicycle seats are interchangeable or universal.

However, the good news is that most modern bikes and brands have accepted that one fitting is best. 

What makes a bike seat interchangeable?

Unless you have an ancient bicycle, your existing seat will have two rails under the seat that are clamped onto your bike by a single or two-bolt seat post clamp.

The easiest way to make sure a new seat will fit your existing seat post is to check that it also has two rails beneath the seat (if you are purchasing a brand new bicycle seat, it will do!). 

You can see the seat rails well in this picture here

This seat post clamp design has become the most popular thanks to its reliability, strength and adjustability. 

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Before going out to buy a new seat, here are a few things to consider

Of course, before you jump to buying a new seat the first time you ride your bike, you should keep an eye on a couple different things before possibly wasting your money!

Try it out for a while

Bike seats can feel uncomfortable to start with, especially the slimmer road bike seats. Try them out for at least a few months before investing in a new seat.

Does your bike fit right?

Check that you have the bike fitted correctly. If you have to overextend your leg or your seat is too far forward, this can cause discomfort. Try adjusting it slightly to see if it feels more comfortable. 

Something else other than the seat?

Some seat posts are not very adjustable. It may be the seat’s angle or position as opposed to the seat itself that is causing discomfort. Try adjusting the position first or looking for a new seat post that gives you more control over the seat position. 

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Essentially, if you want your bike seat to be interchangable with seats on your other bikes, or bikes you will be owning in the future, make sure to keep an eye on those two little seat rails on the bottom.

If you have those, you should be good to go!