Nowadays, almost all bike makers have embraced bike characteristics. The number of gravel bikes has grown in recent years . Many clients wish to own a gravel bike to help them achieve their goals. Let’s go into the specifics of a 1x or 2x drivetrain here.

Here, we’ll analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two drivetrain configurations. What is the fundamental difference between gravel bikes with single and double chainrings? The fundamental difference is quantifiable for everybody. The following are the qualitative distinctions.

Why chose a 1x drivetrain?

The main reason for choosing a 1x drivetrain is the simplicity feature. The presence of a rear derailleur in a single drivetrain is a unique feature. You can have the advantage to free up space on your handlebars. You can use it instead of the dropper post lever. 

Another advantage is that the 1x drivetrain focuses solely on the bike ride. Instead of shifting gears, this ride is created. Your chain is less likely to slip off the front since it is linked to only one chainring.

A perceptible dip between gears that you can see or find. What does it imply? It suggests you won’t be able to obtain the correct gear at the right moment. What is the range of a 1x configuration? It indicates that you can ride in a higher gear.

  • Pros: It is good for riders that are beginning. 
  • Cons: Difficult to climb steep ascents.

The popularity of the 1x drivetrain

The working setup of the 1x drivetrain is popular among riders. Enduro racing and the bike’s technological features have raised its popularity to the core.  The bike’s chainline is the primary factor to be considered while choosing a 1x drivetrain. The oval-shaped rings can be challenging to achieve a good chainline with a 1x drivetrain. The new SRAM AXS groupset has resolved this issue to some extent.


Gravel bikes are a new category with numerous distinct qualities when compared to road and mountain bikes. However, the weight feature is a crucial consideration for a buyer when making a purchase. The majority of clients want lightweight motorcycles.

Because the single-chainring has fewer components, it is lighter than the 2x drivetrain. How much is it? When comparing both drivetrains, the ultimate weight makes sense. 

Simplicity vs. complexity

Do you enjoy double-chainring? If that’s the case, you’ll have to admit that single-chainring has a simpler elegance than double-chainring. It is available from SRAM with a front derailleur. This is standard in mountain bikes. This technique may be found in gravel bikes.

Why chose a 2x drivetrain?

Do you want to improve your climbing performance? If this is the case, you can select the 2x drivetrain option. The front derailleur allows for seamless gear changes. Over ascents, you might have a simple climb. The bike ride instills in you the confidence to conquer challenging terrain.

Beginners may choose to utilize an extra lever to enjoy a more flexible ride for a longer amount of time. This format adds to the weight of your convenience. It also contributes to the clutter on your bike.

However, chain drops are unavoidable owing to the nature of the design. This is avoidable by employing a chain guide, which adds weight and complexity.

Drivetrain manufacture

There are several drivetrain manufacturers accessible all around the world. Sram and Shimano are two of the most well-known.

You can still consider those two manufacturers while making your decision. Choose the finest one for your riding opportunities.

Can you convert 1x to 2x?

1x and 2x refer to the two most common types of mountain bike gearing. 1x systems have one chainring in the front and a cassette with multiple gears in the rear, while 2x systems have two chainrings in the front and a smaller range cassette in the rear.

While it is possible to convert a 1x system to a 2x system, it is not recommended for beginner riders. 1x systems are simpler and easier to maintain, and they typically provide a wider range of gears. as a result, they are generally more suited for casual riders or those who are just starting out.

For those looking for more versatility, it is better to stick with a 1x system and upgrade to a 2x system as your riding skills improve.

How many speeds should a gravel bike have?

When it comes to gravel bikes , many considerations go into choosing the right model. One of the most important is the number of speeds that the bike has. Ideally, a gravel bike should have at least 7 speeds, so that you can easily adjust your gearing depending on the terrain and conditions.

Higher speeds enable you to tackle more challenging climbs, while lower speeds give you better control on winding trails or steep descents. Additionally, having multiple speeds allows you to shift gears as needed, allowing you to maintain momentum and keep pedaling no matter what kind of ground you encounter.

Overall, a gravel bike with at least 7 individual speedss is an essential tool for tackling any kind of terrain with efficiency and control.


Should you purchase a bike with a 1x or 2x drivetrain? The answer to this question is dependent on your unique preferences. Are you a climber who wants to ascend? If this is the case, you will ascend utilizing the 2x drivetrain, which will provide you with tremendous comfort.

It is easier to climb steep slopes and is a better alternative than a 1x drivetrain. If you want to go through the effort of climbing merely to rocket downhill, a 1x drivetrain is the way to go. This is the most suitable option for your ride. As a result, the type of drivetrain you select will be determined by your performance and expectations.

Indeed, many customers still want to know the differences between a 1x or a 2x drivetrain. Those customers can understand by going through the details in this article.