Both Gravel and Hybrid bikes are relatively new to the market (compared to road and mountain bikes). Increasingly bike manufacturers have caught on to the fact that they can sell more bikes by creating frames and setups for different occasions.

Whether you are looking to buy a new bike or are just curious which one is better, this guide will hopefully help point you in the right direction. 

What is a Gravel bike

Gravel bikes are an all-round adventure bike that will be speedy on the road and handle any off-road terrain you throw its way. A Gravel bike has wider tires with a lot of tread, which ensures complete control on uneven and unpredictable surfaces.

With a more relaxed riding geometry compared to road bikes, they are more comfortable on longer rides. However, thanks to their drop bars and aerodynamic design, they can be fast when you need them to. 

Generally, gravel bikes will have a lower bottom bracket and longer wheelbase. This results in more responsive control and stability, especially important when being ridden on uneven surfaces.

Due to their versatility, most gravel bikes will come with disk brakes, meaning their stopping performance is not hampered by rain or mud (as can happen with the more traditional rim brakes).

Great gravel bike options

What is a Hybrid bike

Hybrid bikes are also designed to be versatile. Although a hybrid is more at home in the city or town, they can still handle some offroading.

Hybrid bikes are the perfect commuter bike if you are looking for a reliable and comfortable ride to work. Their flat bars and upright riding position make them very comfortable for shorter rides. 

Hybrids are the best bits of a road and mountain bike . Many hybrids will have multiple gears and rim brakes.

However, the design of hybrids do differ significantly, and you will find some that are close to being as fast as a road bike or nearly as comfortable as a mountain bike off-road. That is the crucial thing to remember. Hybrids are the jack of all but master of none. 

Great Hybrid bike options

Gravel Bike vs Hybrid Bike

So which one is better, gravel bike, or hybrid bike? If you are looking for a versatile bike to take on bike adventures, where you expect to have to cycle off-road, then a Gravel bike is your perfect companion .

If you are not going to do great distances and still want the option to cycle down a muddy track now and again, then a hybrid bike is an excellent investment.


Regardless of which one you choose, the gravel bike for longer distances , or the hybrid bike for a bit of off-roading, both are awesome in-between bikes for those that need one bike to do everything.

Keep in mind though, if you want to do some serious on-road or off-road bicycling, it is better to opt for a more dedicated bike for that activity.