Mountain bikes are one of the most popular bikes you can buy, as you find them in a range of big box stores, to smaller retail stores. However many people use them as a normal commuting vehicle, and are wondering if mountain bikes are fast?

On a road, pavement, or smooth surface, mountain bikes are perhaps the slowest bike you could choose in comparison to road bikes, or even gravel bikes. However, that is not what they are designed for.

Mountain bike’s wide tires and upright riding position increases rolling resistance and drag, so mountain bikes should not be your preferred option if you are looking to set an hour record around the velodrome. 

Mountain bikes are fast

Mountain bikes have been crafted to help you explore tracks and trails that no regular bike can handle. They come in a range of styles, but generally, they will have suspension that helps smooth out the trail’s lumps and bumps.

A Penguin may not be very fast on the land, but once in the water, it uses all its unique characteristics to be fast and agile.

The same can be said for mountain bikes . In its natural habitat, you will not find a bike that can match the speed they allow you to achieve.

Thanks to their specially designed gears and geometry, mountain bikes can be rapid uphill, and when it comes to the descent, you would not dare reach the speeds you can on a mountain bike on a standard bike. 

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How to be faster on a mountain bike?

Firstly, it is not all about the bike. Rather than obsess about finding the fastest bike in the world, you need to focus on your own fitness. If you are not in tip-top condition, you will not be able to make the latest and best mountain bikes go as fast as they want to. 

Thanks to its lightweight and robust characteristics, carbon fiber is a popular frame material among speed-seeking road cyclists. The same principle applies to mountain bikes.

The lighter the bike is, the easier it is to climb, and the faster you will be (there are many upgrades you can get for your mountain bike to make it lighter, it is not all about the frame). 


To be fast on a mountain bike, you should focus on improving your fitness and developing your bike handling skills before spending too much money on a super-lightweight mountain bike. 

If you want something like a mountain bike, but want to have a bit better on-road performance, a hybrid bike might be the best thing for you.