Studded tires are specially designed tires have metal spikes that complement the tire’s tread to ensure that they can grip ice and snow. Although they can be ridden on regular roads that do not have any ice or snow, the road noise may be a bit off-putting. Therefore studded snow tires are a winter investment to swap out and replace your current tires when the weather turns. 

Studded snow tires are beneficial for cyclists who continually contend with snow and ice on the road. They help you to maintain full control of your bike when regular tires would result in you wiping out the first time you try to take a corner at any reasonable speed. 

The additional grip and traction that you get from studded snow tires is mostly influenced by the number of studs that the tire has. However, be mindful that the more studs a tire has, the more rolling resistance and road noise you will experience when riding on tarmac.

Recommended Gear

If you are riding on roads and paths with only occasional patches of ice, then you can get away with having fewer studs. However, if you are looking to ride on ice-covered roads, the more studs, the better. 

When are studded bike tires not right for you?

If there is a lot of snow on top of the ice, the studs are not that useful. They offer no more friction than your standard threaded tire unless the metal studs are able to penetrate and claw the ice below. 

Studded tires are also not quite right for you, if you are only going onto minimal snow or ice, as you will find the remainder of your dry trip as being more difficult, and louder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you run your studded bike tires at full PSI?

When using studded snow tires, you should run your tires at a lower PSI than used. This will help maximize your tire’s surface contact with the road and help the studs claw the ice while riding.

Can you ride studded bike tires on pavement ?

Studded bike tires can be used on dry (no ice) pavement, however it really isn’t recommended as a primary surface for riding your bike. It will wear out the studs prematurely, and you are not using the studs the way they are meant to be.

Do I need studded fat bike tires?

Fat tired bikes already are some of the best bikes to use in the winter , in the snow, and on ice. However if you want a little extra grip, studded fat tire bike tires are a great option for this.

Do studded tires help on black ice?

Black ice is no different than other ice, studded bicycle tires should be able to help. However if the ice is hard enough, the studs won’t be able to grip and you will find yourself slipping.


Studded snow tires on your bike are heavy and overkill if you do not face freezing, icy, and snowy conditions very often.

However, if you live in a part of the world where ice and snow regularly prevent you from getting out on the bike, studded snow tires are a worthy investment for your bike.