Are you looking for your next upgrade or just looking to start out cycling? Perhaps you have seen a lot of adverts for gravel bikes and are slightly confused by how much they resemble road bikes.

There are several reasons why you should choose a gravel bike as your next cycling investment. 

So, why choose a gravel bike? Gravel bikes are a great option for many people due to their mixture of different types of bikes. This means that have versatility, comfort, speed, and even some off-road capabilities.

For The Versatility

Gravel bikes are also known as adventure bikes for a good reason. They have been put on this earth to help you discover the cycling adventure you seek.

Whether that be a week-long bikepacking adventure across a national park or a more exciting daily commute through your local off-road tracks.

They are also fast on the road, thanks to their lightweight design, dropped handlebars, and relatively slim tires (compared to mountain bikes).


The geometry of gravel bikes is more relaxed than on road bikes. You are sat more upright in an endurance position.

This helps to make longer bike rides more comfortable on your lower back, shoulders, and arms. Also, this seating position provides you with more control and stability over uneven surfaces.

Gravel bikes may not have suspension, but they do not need them. The wide tires and long-wheelbase help dampen out any vibrations and bumps from the road or the track.

Leaving you to focus on how far you can get rather than worry about hand fatigue or discomfort. 

Recommended Bikes


Due to their lightweight design and road bike heritage, gravel bikes are fast both on and off the road.

Unlike mountain bikes (or even more so Fat Tire bikes) they are not cumbersome and energy-sapping.

They will not be as fast as a road bike on the road, but they are suitable for quick acceleration and high top speeds.

Take them on the gravel, and you will not find another type of bike that can match their speed and stability. 


There is no denying that gravel bikes just look cool. They are like a beefed-up road bike that wants to be ridden off-road.

The sleek frame and lack of bulky suspension systems combined with the dropped bars look great wherever you decide to ride.


If you want a bike that can do it all, then a gravel (or adventure bike) is a great option for you! Their popularity is growing among bicyclists, and more options are coming up regularly.

Keep in mind though, they are never going to be as good on the road as a road bike, and will never be as good off-road as a mountain bike. However they will be better at the opposite than either of those options will be.