There will be times when you will want to place your bicycle into storage long-term. This could be because you are taking a break from cycling, you are cycling with a different bicycle for the time being, or it is a bicycle that you treasure and you want to display.

Whatever the reason, it is important that every cyclist knows how to store a bicycle properly to help maintain its condition, better protect it from thieves, and allow them to enjoy riding their bicycle for years to come.

Important points to consider when thinking about storing your bicycle long-term

The main three points that you need to consider if you are planning to place your bicycle into long-term storage are the condition of the bicycle, protecting the bicycle from thieves, and accessibility to the bicycle in the event you want to ride it again.

Those who take shortcuts with the storage process may find their bicycle damaged, stolen, or even simply frustrating to bring out of storage.

It is therefore important that you take your time to research all of your options, and address all three points, before storing your bicycle for long periods of time.

Before storing your bicycle long term, make sure that it is clean

One mistake that many cyclists make when storing their bicycles is that they forget to clean it and remove any mud or water that has become lodged within the components. This is particularly important as thorough cleaning will prevent rust from coating the components and potentially rendering them not fit for use.

You can use a bucket of water and an appropriate bicycle cleaning product to wash the bicycle and remove any mud or debris. If you use degreaser, remember that you will need to remove it and apply lubricant where necessary. Be sure to avoid any parts of the bicycle vulnerable to damage from water and only use cleaning products specifically designed for your type of bicycle.

It is important that you occasionally check your bicycle, even if it has been placed into long-term storage, to ensure that its good condition is being maintained.

Be sure to purchase a good quality lock

If there is one point that every cyclist should always bear in mind, it is the necessity of owning a good quality lock. This becomes even more important when storing your bicycle long-term as it is likely that you will be seeing it less frequently.

Whether it is locking the bicycle itself, or the door that will be preventing people from accessing the bicycle, the bicycle’s main line of defense will be this lock. Make sure that it is a well regarded lock from a reputable manufacturer.

Also, ask yourself if there are any obvious vulnerabilities in the design of the lock. While a good quality lock will likely cost more money, it could be the difference between a well stored bicycle and a stolen bicycle.

There are plenty of indoor storage options to choose from

When storing your bicycle long-term, you need to make an important decision: whether you want to store the bicycle indoors or outdoors. Although a bicycle’s security is largely decided by the quality of its lock, a bicycle kept indoors is generally better protected from thieves than one stored outdoors.

The fact that there are people living inside the building will mean that the security of the bicycle will be tied with the general security of the house. Inside your home, you can simply leave the bicycle resting on a stand. However, for many cyclists this can make moving around the house more difficult. One solution is to install mounting brackets on the wall and hang the bicycle from them.

There are several positions in which the bicycle can be hung: horizontally along the wall, vertically with the front wheel facing the ceiling, or even upside down from the ceiling itself! When deciding how you wish to hang your bicycle, it is important to consider accessibility. Another great article here, goes into how you can store your bike in an apartment.

While a bicycle resting on a simple stand may be inconvenient to move around, it is easier to remove from its stand compared to a bicycle hung upside down from the ceiling. If you plan to still use your bicycle occasionally, you may wish to store it closer to the floor so that it can be easily reached.

If you have a garage, that is obviously the best way to store your bike for everyone!

There are also several possibilities for storing your bicycle outdoors

Some cyclists may not have enough space indoors to store their bicycle, or may find its presence inside their home inconvenient. Some cyclists cover their bicycle with a waterproof cover and lock it to a stand. The problem with this storage method, however, is that the bicycle would be an obvious target for thieves who may still want to steal parts of the bicycle even if they cannot steal the whole bicycle.

Another important consideration when thinking about outdoor storage is that the security afforded by the lock is virtually useless if the object that it is locked to is not secured to the ground (or at least very difficult to move) and cannot easily be disassembled.

This is why a bicycle storage shed or container is a fantastic way to store your bicycle outdoors. Another benefit of using an outdoor bicycle shed is that the bicycle is easily accessible. Simply unlock the doors of the shed, pull the bicycle out, and you are ready to start riding again!

Storing your bicycle long-term is surprisingly easy if you take the right steps!

Storing your bicycle for long periods of time does not have to be difficult. It is, however, a task where you need to think carefully about maintaining your bicycle properly, storing it securely to protect it from thieves, and keeping it accessible for future use. Remember that you have likely spent a lot of money and time keeping your bicycle in the good condition that it is in. Whether you choose to store your bicycle indoors or outdoors, plan ahead and develop a storage solution that will protect your bicycle so that you can enjoy riding it for many years to come!