Sitting at your kitchen table you start to wonder why mountains cost so much because that is one of your most favorite hobbies. As you start to focus on your broken mountain bike out of the wind daydreaming, while you sit there wishing you were out on that trail with the wind in your hair, adrenalin rushing through your body, living life dangerously.

But then you snap back to reality, filled with such emotion, you realize that your mountain bike is broken and while you are trying to save up for a better, sturdier one. The thought enters your mind again why must mountain bikes cost so much? While your inner-self is yearning to be soaring on that dirt trail. Well, don’t you worry you have come to the right place down below I will explain all the reasons why mountain bikes cost so much?

I will also talk about parts and which unique part it plays to the bike.

1. The Frame

Its geometry plays a significant role in dictating. The aluminum alloy frames bring up the cost because of creating the structure, shaped, and welded together, and machined. To lower the aluminum frame weight, the manufacturer spends more metal in the non – critical areas.

Even though this process also drives up the manufacturing cost. Manufacturers make mountain bikes by the thousands. If you were to compare the production of a car produced by the millions, this also drives up the cycles per unit.

Today’s high-end mountain has an excellent martial, carbon fiber, and it is all around the bike. Making the bike to those aluminum alloy bikes.

The only real downside for carbon fiber bikes is that they are costly for manufacturer ranging between $3,000 to $5,000

2. Suspension

One of the apparent difference between mountain bikes and regular bikes are their suspensions. They consist of two components: a front fork and a rear shock: ride, high-end mountain bikes. Hardtail bike cost goes down when forgoing the rear shock (this is called a hardtail).

These lighter-weight mountain bikes have suspensions and, which further increases their cost. Options are a more significant amount, air springs, and volume spacers. It can fine-tune key differentiators.

Rebound first adjustment options you will find; it is a dampening that which the suspension bikes, you will need a new fork and a shock can cost you between $1,000 – $5,000.

3. Wheels

The wheels are also an essential item for a responsible for excellent ride quality.

The wheels are a few factors that play a cost in high-end wheels. Weight is a critical component; this is why. Wheels can start for $1,000 and can go up from there after retail price.

4. Groupset 

These are related to the braking and also with shifting. We also include the derailleur brakes, shifter, and chain. These areas can have a significant impact on your ride and save you from going down a cliff. So you would not want to skimp the groupset.

Now, and days the king of the groupset is SRAM and Shimano; both have something for beginners to super high-end. Shimano’s top groupset is XTR (linked here), and SRAM’s top option is XX1 Eagle top Axs.

5. Handle Bars And The Stem

Although most mountain bikes handlebars and stem, they and make their handlebars and stems with carbon fiber a costly material. By using carbon fiber, it tends to raise manufacturer.

6. Pedals

On a high-end expensive mountain bike, the pedals are generally lighter and more robust than those other counterparts that are a bit cheaper.

The more high-end mountain bike comes from more lightweight and more robust titanium. Typically, these parts range around $100 but, the more expensive pedals can range between $300 to $400.

How high of a price can mountain bikes actually be?

Mountain bikes cost too much, and the prices can go up to $13,000, Crazy! Right, you see, Mountain Bikes cost so much because of higher quality components and technology. To have a better, safer Mountain Bike .”It seems to be a bit pricier than some.

When Mountain Bikes are much cheaper, the Mountain Bike is unreliable, low quality, and highly unsafe. “Mountain Bikes” invented to endure those incline slopes, those ledges, rock, and tumble, and you can ride fast because of the Mountain Bikes response performance . The abuse can take entail premium components, or you might find yourself buying brand news often.

Remember, you don’t need an all-carbon Mountain Bike. The aluminum hardtail Mountain Bike is okay for the causal bikers, and the price for that kinda bike is around about $800.


Professionals go all out and invest in their mountain bike because they ride for a living. It makes a lot of sense to go all out for the professional, and gain can also help them when their race. Even though safety is involved, mountain bikers seem to push their bikes.

Did you know that people that ride mountain bikes are just regular casual riders? Casual riders don’t need to go all out on the high-end mountain bikes unless they want to. Biking is a hobby , and the more your passionate about it, the more rewarding it will be for you.

There is no need to go all out and spend $1,000 on a new bike if you are. So, now you know that the reason for mountain bikes to cost so much is because of the materials it is made with.

The thrill of rolling down a mountain on two wheels and knowing your parts are durable and you will not be walking back to your car after your ride or maybe you ride for a living and you need to win a race now you know that when the bike cost more there is a really good reason. The costly the materials the better the ride.