Bike lights are illuminations that are attached to bicycles for several purpose which include, serving as reflectors and also improving visibility while cycling on the roads. By improving visibility, it makes the cyclist to see where he/she is riding to and also enables other road users to notice the cyclist. These bike lights tend to be so expensive due to several reasons.

Are bike lights expensive? Compared to standard flash lights, bike lights tend to be so expensive due to its specialty feature that is offered to a small market. Also, they are highly desired for with their demand being low thus leading to a higher price.

They are a specialist equipment

Specialist equipment are always more expensive than their generic equivalents. Dissecting the bike lights and looking at their features to determine their functionalities compared to other generic models, bikers realize that bike lights have special features in them.

These features tend to add cost to the lights. For instance, these features may include things that we’ll talk about in the rest of this article.


Standard flash lights may provide decent illumination similar to bike lights but the intensity of illumination by standard flash lights may not last for a longer time.

Cyclists may tend to prefer bike lights than standard flash lights.

Convenient shape and better weights

Standard flash lights tend to be heavy and rattle a lot leading to changes in their positions while riding. Bike lights on the other hand provide illuminations of same strength, are compact and have a balanced package. All these features of bike lights contributes to higher prices.

Stable attachment

Bike lights can be mounted on handlebars and can be removed easily after reaching your destination. Also, the mounts can provide a 360-degree rotation which enables them point in different directions easily. This feature contributes to a rise in the price of bike lights.

Different modes of operation

Compared to standard lights, bike lights have modes such as standard, brighter, max and SOS which make them more unique. One of these features may be lacked by the standard lights causing a higher price on bike lights.

Beam cut-off

Beam cut-off is a feature meant to avoid blinding other cyclists, drivers or pedestrians, a feature leading to a higher costs in bike lights.

Low demand and higher desirability

Many cyclist prefer using the multi-purpose flashlights. Also, many of them do not have the super knowledge behind the importance of using bike lights. These two factors contributes to a low demand for the bike lights.

Sellers can now fix the prices of bike lights even to be higher so that if a cyclist are satisfied with them they can purchase. Similarly, those cyclist who would want to purchase bike lights have great desires to do so.

These desires are meant to make their riding more comfortable thus cyclist shall purchase them without bothering on their prices. This also makes sellers to hike the prices. The low demand together with greater desirability leads to a higher price of the bike lights.

The willingness of buyers to purchase them.

So long as the cyclist are willing to purchase the bike lights, their prices will tend to rise always even if the actual prices are low. The push for willingness are based on the desires of the cyclists.

This is so because a cyclist may not achieve his/her desires when using the multi-purpose lights. He/she shall strictly require a bike light regardless of the higher price compared to standard flash lights. These desires may be due to the standard qualities by the bike lights which standard flash lights lack.

Also, if one cyclist purchases a bike light and perhaps another cyclist notices the features and is pleased by them, he/she shall be ready to purchase without bothering on the price. This also makes prices to be expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should you spend on bike lights?

Generally speaking, you should be able to get a decent set of bicycle lights for as low as $15-$20, however if you are looking for quality, plan on spending $50 or more for a quality set of lights! That said, make sure that you are buying lights based on a budget that goes along with the value of your bike.

Do you legally need bike lights?

This really depends on where you live, including states, countries and even specific cities. That said, for the most part, yes you do need lights on your bicycle to stay legal at night. It’s important not only for you to see, but also to be seen.

How long should bike lights last?

Every set of bicycle lights differs in how long they will last on a charge, however make sure you are buying a set that will last as long as your longest night ride. Generally this will be in the 2-3 hour range.


Bike lights are of more importance to cyclist . They even make bicycles to look smarter leading to a smart ride. They also assures cyclist of safe rides on roads due to visibility.

Cyclist can see where they are riding to whereas other road users can notice them because bike lights have reflectors. It is therefore advisable for any cyclist to avoid focusing much on the prices and purchase bike lights.