By preparing for the weather and investing in good quality cycling clothes, you can spend hours cycling in comfort, no matter the weather. 

Check the Weather

Before you start to get dressed to get out on the bike, check the weather forecast and temperature, this is one of the most important factors when considering what to wear when cycling. 

Cycling clothes

You should wear clothes that are comfortable, tight-fitting and moisture-wicking. For anything longer than a 30-minute bike ride, then cycling shorts are a must. The padding helps to reduce chafing and keep your derriere comfortable for hours in the saddle. 

Although you do not need to wear skin-tight cycling clothes to pop down to the shops on your bike, be aware that loose and baggy clothes will slow you down due to wind resistance.

Generally, tighter-fitting cycling-specific clothing is also better at wicking away moisture, which will keep you warmer and more comfortable. 


You may have heard this term. The art of layering is just wearing several layers depending on the weather conditions and temperature as opposed to just throwing on a thick, cozy coat right at the start. 

By layering, you help your body regulate its temperature and allow sweat to escape your body, which ironically keeps you warmer. You should have a base layer, long-sleeved jersey, and a softshell or coat on top on colder bike rides. If you get too warm, you can take the coat off. 


You do not have to wear cycling shoes, especially when you are just starting. Wear trainers or other comfortable footwear that you will not fall off if you put your feet down while coming to a stop. Flip flops, sandals, and high heels are not suitable for cycling. 

Keep warm

Try to cover up as much of your skin as possible on cold days. Wearing gloves to keep full mobility in your hands is very important for changing gears and using your brakes. Also, a neck warmer or headband makes a significant difference to your comfort on colder rides.

Be comfortable and prepared

Choose clothes that you feel comfortable in, but that also help to protect you from the elements. Do not forget that soon after you start cycling your body will soon warm-up.