Bike riding is an adventurous journey. You can enjoy your riding when you are on the bike. You can feel the nature and experience the difficulties on road. In this way, you can get a better idea about the place and its whereabouts. But it is necessary to have all safety measures while you are going on a bike ride. You need to have perfect and powerful bike lights whether you travel day or night. It will ensure your safety.

Over the previous years, brands have been improved and made the best and lightweight bike lights. The best bike lights will help you to see through the darkness. Apart from this, it will also keep you visible to the traffic. Riders and experts advise using lights during the day and night as well. You should use bike lights in fog and rainy situations. It will be necessary to improve awareness among bike riders.

Where and while do you use the bike lights?

If you are going to work in daylight and at dawn then, you can use a simple set of front and rear blinker bike light. But if you ride after sunset or before sunrise then, you need a powerful headlight and a blinking taillight as well.

It is just for your safety on roads that you need to follow. Apart from this, you need to understand that the brighter ambient light will need a brighter system for visibility. You should know that rear blinkers have 15 lumens. These will seem bright after the darkness. But it is harder to use in strong sunlight.

Do you require only rear light or a complete set?

If you travel in the daylight then, you should not spend your money to buy the full set of light. It will not suit you. You can buy a rear blinker.

This will make you visible from behind. You can invest your money in the front light later. You can buy some front lights when you plan to extend your ride to before daylight and after sunset. You need to know that if you buy front light and rear light at the same time then, you can save some bucks and avail discount.

Does the brightness matter?

You may know that lights are rated in lumens. It is a measurement of the total light from the system. Apart from this, you need to check the beam patterns of the light. It will consider how far the light will reach.

What you should look for and what to ignore?

While you are going to buy a new light then, you will have to check out strong and non-slip attachments. You need to choose the easily removable light body for easy access and a charging facility. You should buy the battery indicator light to get alert when it is time for recharging.

Apart from this, you need to avoid those things that are not designed and made for bikes.

Every light is being tested by technicians and experts. You can start your research before buying any particular bike light. You can also read reviews of the bike lights before purchasing anyone in particular. Product managers, technicians and engineers will tell you what is the best one as per your need and usage.

Front lights are classified as be seen’ lights and seeing’ lights. You can use be seen’ lights on the lit road. For this, 100 lumens is the beginning point of this light. But if you buy 300+ then, you can see more roads ahead.

On the other hand, seeing’ lights will easily highlight the road in front of you and you can see a clear road ahead. It is designed for bike riders who ride at night.


In general, the 500 lumens or above is the best choice where there are street lights. You can also buy anything over 1000 lumens capacity. It will give you clear and clean visibility on the road.

You can ride safely and confidently as well. There are so many innovative and exclusive products available in the market. So, you can buy these products and enjoy your ride. With the best bike light, you can explore more places and roads.