Hybrid bikes are popular fitness bikes. You likely have seen them on the road without even knowing what you are looking at, or you may even have one without knowing it!

What is a hybrid bike? These bikes are a cross between a road bike, touring bike and mountain bike, bringing together all the best parts to create a versatile bicycle that is comfortable but still fast. 

What makes up a hybrid bike?

Hybrid bikes often have a frame similar to that of a road bike, only with a more upright riding position. This makes the bikes more comfortable over short distances as you are not leaning forward and putting additional strain on your lower back or shoulders.  

The tires on a hybrid bike and wheels are similar to that found on touring bikes. They are built to last and help prevent punctures. They are usually wider than road bike tires, with more thread, which gives you more control and traction on gravel or wet roads. 

No matter where you live, having more gears on your bike can be a significant advantage. Hybrid bikes usually come with three chainrings on the front (front gears), similar to touring bikes. This not only helps you get up hills with ease but is also more comfortable to ride if you have installed a rack and are carrying a large load. 

Finally, the mountain bike’s influences are the flat handlebars and the occasional addition of front shocks. The flat bars on hybrid bikes are comfortable and give you a wide grip making it easier to breathe as it opens up your chest and lungs. The shocks give you a smoother ride. 

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Who is a hybrid bike good for?

Just about anyone, they come in many sizes and are usually unisex. Their popularity comes from their versatility and wide range of uses. Hybrid bikes are perfect for cycling commuters, beginner cyclists, anyone who wants a bike to ride on the road and the occasional gravel trail or even to take part in a short-distance triathlon.

We personally have a couple different hybrid bikes, and they make for an awesome bike that is extremely fun to use.

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There are so many bikes out there, ranging from a mountain bike to a road bike. However a Hybrid Bike is just what it sounds like, an in between that works for many people!

It may not be the best at any category, but it does rather well at a lot of things.