Bicycle chains will sometimes slip and this can be a very frustrating experience. What causes the bicycle chain to slip? There are many reasons that may contribute to the slipping of your bike chain. Let’s take a look at some possible causes for bicycle chain slippage.

1. Bicycle Chain Not on Sprocket

Sometimes your bike won’t feel like it’s working as hard because the gears aren’t meshing together properly. If your chain is not on one sprocket, then obviously it won’t work correctly and if this continues to happen, then either your shifter gets broken or your derailleur needs change. Here, you need to fix it! If the chain is slipping off of a sprocket, someone can also wrap it around other objects like brake cables and your derailleur.

Sometimes bicycle chains come in different lengths. If your bicycle came with a standard size, then you will probably want to maintain that length for best performance. Bicycle chains get worn down over time so they shorten- this could be part of the reason your bike isn’t working properly.

If you have shortened your bicycle chain before by cutting off links, keep in mind that doing so shortens the life of your cassette and rear derailleur too, because the distance between these components becomes shorter as you shorten your chain.

2. Tight or Loose Bicycle Slips

Bicycle chains stretch over time and might need tightening from time to time. If your bicycle chain is too tight, then it will cause most of the gears on your bike to not work properly because they won’t be meshing together correctly. Bicycle chains do a lot, but a chain doesn’t have any way to absorb shock – this is something that forks and rear shocks are for.

Keeping your chain nice and loose will make your bike feel much better when riding. To tighten up a bicycle chain without loosening the axle nuts where the wheel attaches, you can turn the pedals backward, sometimes as many times as it takes to tighten the chain. Also, make sure that you set up your rear derailleur properly. If it’s not, then this might be why your bicycle chain is slipping.

Bicycle chains also stretch over time and they can sometimes be too loose, which will cause your bike to slip when you pedal. Sometimes you might need to tighten up the axle nuts where the wheel attaches in order for the bicycle chain to feel tighter, but also keep in mind that adjusting your rear derailleur could fix this problem as well. Chains are cheap, so don’t worry about having them replaced because of some minor adjustments!

3. Dirty Bicycle Chains or Derailleurs Not Properly Tuned

Bicycle chains are pretty easy to clean – simply use some degreaser and scrub it down with a brush if you have one, or you can just let the bike sit in the sun for a while, which will dry up all the excess grease. If your bicycle chain is too dirty, then this could definitely cause it to slip when you ride because there won’t be enough traction. Bicycle chains also pick up dirt over time, so keeping them clean every day might help prevent unnecessary wear-and-tear!

Your bicycle derailleurs may take a lot of wear and tear, especially if your bike chain isn’t attached properly. These derailleurs are pretty simple though – they basically just move the chain from one sprocket to another sprocket or from one chainring to another.

Bicycle chains get worn down over time, so you might need to adjust your front and rear derailleurs, but if this continues to happen, then you probably need a new bicycle chain!

4. Bent Bicycle Rear Derailleur

Bicycle rear derailleurs can bend after lots of wear and tear, especially on mountain bikes, which use them more frequently than road bikes. These chains might also slip if your rear derailleur is bent. Some bicycle chains will eventually need to be replaced after a while, especially if they are bad-quality bicycle chains. Bicycle derailleurs are pretty simple, but they can sometimes cause your bicycle chain to slip, especially if they are bent.

Are you having problems with your bicycle chain? You need to follow this blog post and determine the reason your bicycle chain is slipping. For more information on a bicycle chain, please visit our website!