For many people, storing their bicycle is a difficult challenge. However for those that have a garage, this is the perfect place to keep that bike. It is dry, secure, and generally there is a decent amount of room for them.

Storing your bike in the garage is a no brainer (if you have one). However, it does not mean that you should just leave your bike on the floor to kicked about or leaned up against the wall to gather dust.

By storing your bike correctly in a garage, you can prolong its life span, keep it protected from dings and scratches, and make the most of the space you have. 

How to store a bike in a garage?

A bike can be bulky and awkward to store, so here are some storage solutions to help keep it protected and give you more space in your garage. 

1. Floor stands

If you have the floor space, a floor stand is a cheap and straightforward way to store your bike upright in your garage.

Simply roll one of the wheels in one of the slots, and it will be instantly ready next time you want to ride.

Something like this one from REI, would be an awesome, and high quality option for this.

2. Heavy-duty bike hook 

One of the cheapest solutions is to screw a heavy-duty bike hook into the ceiling. They allow you to lift the bike and hook it vertically using the front tire.

This frees up a lot of floor space and means that your bike will not get knocked over.

These inexpensive options here would be perfect for this!

3. Use a pulley

If you like the idea of keeping your bike off the ground but own a heavy bike or lack the strength to lift it, you can make use of pulley bike storage systems.

It just uses a rope and pulley system connected to the ceiling to lift your bike and keep it out of harm’s way. 

I really like this one here, as its inexpensive, and should work well!

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4. Wall mounts

Alternatively, you can turn your bicycle into a work of art and hang it on the wall horizontally. If you have the wall space, this is an easy way to keep your bike out of harm’s way and clear extra floor space. 

This unit here is awesome, because it also has an additional space to be able to store your helmet or gloves on as well.


In addition to thinking about where to store your bike in your garage, you should also consider whether you need to invest in a bicycle cover.

If your bike is likely to go unused for months on end or you do any woodwork in your garage, a tarpaulin bike cover will help keep dust and grit away. Ensuring your bike will be ready next time you want to go for a bike ride.