The world of cycling has been changing drastically in the past few decades. You don’t need to be a hardcore cyclist anymore to enjoy riding your bike, and bikes are now made for everyone. One type of bike that has popped up in recent years is the gravel bike: an all-arounder with great versatility.

These bikes are perfect for off-road adventures, but they also work well on pavement. However, it’s important to note that these bikes can’t do any one thing as well as a dedicated road or mountain bike option can.

Are you looking for a versatile bicycle that will take you anywhere? Gravel bikes might be just what you’re looking for! Keep reading this article to find out if these bicycles are right for.

What are the upsides of a gravel (adventure bike?

So you want to buy an adventure bike, and want to know what is so good about them? Here are what I consider to be the important factors that make a gravel bike one of the best styles of bikes for those that only want one bike.

Gravel bikes extremely versatile

For someone looking for a bike to do just about anything, gravel bikes are amazing children of mobility. While they can’t do any one particular thing well, they can do a lot of things averagely well.

The best thing about these bikes is that they can be used for a variety of different things.

They are perfect if you want to ride on the road, but also great off-road as well! You don’t have worry too much when it comes time  to choose what bike suits your needs because gravel bicycles will work in just any situation.

This makes them very popular among cyclists who like exploring and getting out there into nature with their bicycle adventures!

They’re perfect for long rides on rough terrain or just running errands in town 

Many people like to run errands on their bike for exercise and enjoyment. If you’re looking for a bike that can handle the bumps and cracks of city streets, but also be able to take on rough terrain then an adventure bicycle is perfect!

The versatility in these bikes means they are great at handling any type  of situation.

Because it can handle these things, gravel bikes are an awesome alternative specifically for those that live in more rural towns, where you would want a road bike, but don’t want to deal with all of the jostling around that the occasional dirt side-road or pot-hole ridden street will give you.

They’re also good for bikepacking, which is a type of cycling where you carry gear with you on your bike 

Bikepacking is the mixture of camping and bicycling, which is quickly becoming a popular activity.

Bikepackers are usually on the road for a few days to weeks at time and they carry everything with them that is needed, including food water clothing sleeping gear camping equipment tools etc.

It also gives people an opportunity explore new places without having worry about how long their trip might take .

You could go as fast (or slow) depending what kind speed you want.

You can swap out tires to suit the terrain and conditions 

The versatility of gravel bikes are awesome, and you can even make them more versatile by swapping out tires to suit the terrain and conditions.

The best part about these types is how affordable most models end being because there isn’t as much need in expensive components like gears when all your doing really just pedaling around dirt roads!

You could go fast with less aggressive rubber but then change things up, and slow down once using knobby mountain bike more knobby treads…especially since many people don’t want spend tons money buying different bicycles every time one wants do something new.

They’re not as heavy as mountain bikes, so they’ll be easier to carry up a hill or load onto your car rack 

Mountain bikes can be heavy, as they need to have rigidity, whereas gravel bikes tend to be much lighter making them better for carrying up hills or loading onto a car rack.

The weight of these bicycles is also an important factor in their performance and durability on different terrains because it affects how much power you’ll put out when pedaling uphill versus downhill (or vice versa).

The less your bicycle weighs-the more energy efficient its going become while riding over any terrain type! This means that if one wants do something new like ride off road but doesn’t want spend tons money buying another expensive mountain biking gear set then this.

The wide tires make it easy to ride over obstacles like rocks and roots without getting off your bike 

Gravel bikes have wider tires than road bikes , which makes them much better for potholes, but also to get you over rocks , roots, and other obstacles.

The wide tires make it easy to ride over these types of things without getting off your bike or having the need for a suspension system like mountain bikes have in order keep you from bouncing around too much on rough terrain that’s not paved with asphalt roads!

This is one reason why they are also called adventure bicycles because their versatility allows them be used both as an everyday commuter bicycle but can easily take riders out into nature when needed-without needing two separate sets (or more)of gear just so this happen seamlessly .

A gravel bike is also great for commuting because of its versatility and comfort

Are you a commuter that rides their bike to work every day? A gravel bike will likely be perfect for you. Gravel bikes are great for commuting because they’re comfortable and versatile.

A gravel bike is also a perfect choice if you want to be able ride your bicycle on both paved roads as well off-road trails without having the need of two separate sets (or more) of gear just so this happen seamlessly!

This makes them an excellent option not only in terms like everyday commuter bicycles but can easily take riders out into nature when needed without needing a different bike.

The versatility that these types offer make it easy enough, even with little experience riding one before or no knowledge about how much maintenance needs done after each use; anyone will find themselves feeling confident at being capable while using their new purchase.

Downsides to a gravel bike

Of course, no matter how good something is, it is never the best at everything. Here are some quick things to keep in mind if you are buying a gravel bike, so you aren’t surprised you don’t like these factors.

Gravel bikes tend to weigh more than a road bike

While gravel bikes may be lighter than mountain bikes, they are heavier than road bikes making them a bit more difficult to transport than the road bike alternative.

This is especially true for those who live in an apartment or condo and do not have access, either by car of bike rack on their balcony/patio area; this can make it hard if they need the bicycle at home but don’t want any extra weight being carried up all flights (or stairs).

Gravel bikes are slower than a road bike

Again, while gravel bik es are going to be faster than a mountain bike, they are actually slower than a road bike .

The reason for this is because the tires are wider and have more air in them. This means that they will roll slower on pavement, which can be a downside to those who want speed when riding their bike around town or commuting from home-to work/school etc.

However it does make up some of its time by being able both off road as well has having better traction than most other bikes with narrower wheels (like mountain) would offer; making gravel biking an excellent choice if you live somewhere where there’s lots o f dirt roads but not much paved ones available!

Gravel bikes can’t truly replace a mountain bike

If you are really going to want to replace a mountain bike, a gravel bike is not going to be the best alternative. They can’t handle drops, or lots of strain on the frame like a mountain bike can.

However, if you are looking for a bike that can handle the road and some off-road terrain then this is an excellent option.

Gravel Bikes Tend To Be More Expensive Than Road Bikes And Mountain Bikes

This specialized bike does tend to be more expensive than road bikes or mountain bikes, making the barrier to entry higher. This can keep people from being able to buy them, and as a result less likely to use them.

So do you need a gravel bike?

We have learned a lot in this article about what a gravel bike is good at, but also what it is not good at. In the end, it’s up to you to decide what is most important for you!

If you are looking for a bike that you will only take on well maintained roads, and want pure speed, a gravel bike is not for you.

If you want a bike where you can take jumps, and quickly go through the forest, a gravel bike is not for you.

However, if you aren’t going to one or extreme or the other, and want a single bike, then a gravel bike might be that perfect solution.


So, does this sound like you? Do you want to get a gravel bike? Make sure to read more articles about gravel bikes on our site to find out which one is best for you.

I am hoping that gravel bikes are here to stay , and that they will continue to grow in popularity.

I am hoping for a future where we can all enjoy the benefits of these bikes, without having any drawbacks!