Are you constantly wondering if Gravel bikes have gears or not? If so, then don’t worry because we are right here to answer each query of yours. By the end of this article, we are pretty sure that you’ll get your answer.

Do Gravel Bikes Have Gears? Yes, the gravel bikes do have gears. They’re overgeared. A classic gravel bike has 11 to 32 cassette and a chainset of 50/34. This gives the bike multiple ranges of gears that work well on the roads unless you’re traveling in hilly places.

Gearing selection is the best part of the puzzle that works in preparing a bike for an event, race or de. But, we are here to simplify things for you. Below, we are going to discuss some of the most important things about gravel bikes that you need to know.

So, without delaying anymore, let’s just start.

1. Chainring sizes

The shift to the low gear ratios is steered by the changes at both of the drivetrains.

In the front, there is a shift to the smaller chainrings, with the chainsets which are super compact increasingly specced.

This is where the chainring sizes are much smaller than the standard road compact which is 50/34t. These all are available in the arrangement of small size combos.

Moreover, the lower ratios and a small chainring meant the gravel bike designers can conveniently add the clearance for the wide tyres. The addition of the wider tyres also supports the other trend in gravel bikes design.

2. Cassette options

On the backside of the bike, the fresh rear derailleurs can also handle the larger cassettes. This ensures a wide range of gears for off-road bike packing and riding.

On the other hand, the rear older mechs designed for the road bikes might squeeze in the 30 tooth large sprockets. Moreover, many latest road mechs can also handle about 34 teeth, which gives you some more gears to climb easily. Swap to the gravel bike-specific derailleur and then you can typically head up to 42 teeth around. Although these wider derailleurs are designed to work with the ring groupsets rather than the double chainsets.

1x or 2x?

The other trend in the gravel bikes is to move to a single setup of chainring paired with a range cassette, opposite to the double ring chainset.

With a single chainring or 1× chainset, you can save a minimal amount of weight by dispensing the front derailleur. Also, there’s less mud build-up and the bike doesn’t go the wrong way in a single ring setup. Moreover, they’re designed well to keep the chains intact in their places and running smoothly whenever the road is bumpy or hilly.

3. Proportion

To put it plainly, it’s the examination between the front chainring and a given back gear-tooth. A 42t chainring and 21t pinion will lessen to a 2:1 equipping proportion.

It’s not utilized much because the numbers seldom work out that neatly, however as a beginning stage, we will in general objective something to the tune of 1:1 for low stuff for a rock bicycle (42:42, 34:34, and so forth).

In the event that you go a lot of lower, footing and equilibrium can become issues-as any individual who’s battled to remain upstanding at a mobile speed will verify.

4. Range

The distinction between most elevated stuff proportion and least stuff proportion (high partitioned by low) communicated in per cent. (I know-reach ought to be [high-low]/low. However, the bicycle business altogether chose to apply its definition.)

For single-ring drivetrains it’s direct: a 10-42 tape gets you 42/10 or 4.2 or 420%. With a twofold, you’ll need the most elevated and least proportions (just as a pencil), however, the thought holds: it’s a solitary number that can be utilized to convey expansiveness of proportions accessible to a rider.

For reference, a commonplace street drivetrain (Shimano Ultegra 50/34 x 11-32) has a 428% territory, and SRAM Bird off-road bicycle tape 500%.


That’s all from our side, we’ve tried our best to offer you the latest knowledge about gravel bikes. To conclude, we would just say that gravel bikes do have gears. Also, you can add more gears to the bike too.

So, time to wrap this up! In case you still have any question in your mind, then feel free to ask. We are right here to assist you with every query of yours.