One of the most important components of a bike is its handlebar. Handlebars are used to steer your bike . Handlebars significantly impact your bike’s by and large handling, soundness, and reliability, so picking the correct sort for your biking fashion is fundamental. If they are not right for your bike you may face some kind of accident.

Importance of handlebars

Apart from steering the handlebars a part in deciding your frontal region. As a forefront (in streamlined terms), it is regularly a prime suspect when it comes to performance and upgrades bikes.

The finest road handlebars ought to offer a comfortable move between the hoods, tops and drops, and a drop handlebar you’re able to use efficiently. Utilizing the drop is basic because it offers the most noteworthy leverage conceivable on the brake when going downhill.

Why does a wrong handlebar cause a problem?

Having the wrong set of handlebars could have side effects on you such as experiencing pain in your neck and back and sometimes may lead to more adverse effects on you like ulnar neuropathy which is a situation in which you experience numbness in 2 smallest fingers because of the footing or compression faced by the ulnar nerve or you may have handlebar palsy.

How do you find the right Handlebar?

The best way to find out the most suited handlebars for bikes is to find out what shape, type and size of handlebars that your bikes would need. This applies to both professional or personal bikes . Following are some of the things to keep in mind while choosing handlebars for your bikes.


The basic handlebars are made considering the average shoulders but not everyone has the same shoulders. So getting the handlebars made to your liking is a good idea.

Bars that are made too wide puts pressure on your arms and necks and if they are too narrow your elbows will be affected and can also affect aerodynamics. So get the handlebars personalized.

Drop and Shape

The shape and the drop should be chosen according to your style of riding. If you want your nose near the bar and eyes out, look for a traditional handlebar. If you are looking for a good drop and hold the bar in the centre, find ergo bars as they won’t put any kind of pressure on your hands and wrist.


The drop depth and shape impact your reach to the lever and handlebar. While mostly levers can be adjusted you should go for a shape that helps you adjust the levers comfortably. Handlebars impact the reach of the seat too but now they are also adjustable.


Carbon has become very famous nowadays but the problem with them is that they are fragile as well as expensive. It can be strong but when it is damaged it is hard to detect.

Whereas aluminum bars show no damage. Carbon has to be kept carefully as it can easily be cracked if the wrong amount of torque is applied. Also aluminum is quite cheap.


The basic diameter that handlebars have is 25.4mm but some brands keep it up to 31.8mm for better stiffness. The diameter is from the centre to the stem. The diameters are fine but you will have to get a clamp size that matches the stem.


The more you bend the more pressure and weight you put on your hands. The pressure is constant when you ride your bike as you are bent over the bar.

But choose a handlebar that is comfortable for you and does not put any kind of pressure on your body.


The above points are to be kept in mind so that you do not face any kind of inconvenience or any serious damage to your body. When it comes to handlebars you have to be sure to get the correct one else you will lose direction and won’t be able to steer properly.

This can lead to many fatal accidents. If you have any problem in deciding what kind of handlebar suits your bike you can consult people who have all the knowledge about it or search the net for all the information you need.