Handlebars. A reliable handlebar is used on all bikes , whether they are mountain bikes, road cycles, or single-speed fixed-gear bikes. There are various styles from which you can pick.

Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks that may make or break your riding adventure. Handlebars have a significant impact on your bike’s overall handling, stability, and dependability, so choosing the correct kind for your riding style is critical.

A lot of it comes down to personal choice, as most experienced riders know, but it’s important to understand the inherent characteristics of each type of handlebar. The way it keeps your hands and body comfy is what defines comfort. The numerous sorts of bike styles you may employ with it characterize its versatility. Leverage refers to the amount of strength you can send to the pedals. Aerodynamics is defined as the ability to reduce wind drag. Control is characterized by the amount of lift and turning ability it provides.

Talking about the question, yes you can put road bike handlebars on a mountain bike but except in racing; drop bars are prohibited in MTB racing due to concerns that they would alter the sport’s traditional appearance. (Which is code for they’re scared drop bars are just superior.)

Because Shimano MTB and road have different cable pull ratios since 9 speeds, many current drivetrains, MTB switches, and brakes are inconsistent with road integrated shifters (STIs), bar-specific solutions like Gevenalle and similar, or using some electronic brakes.

Also, because the road bars flex forward, the top tube of the frame must be shortened to compensate. As a result, today’s middle road bike has a 540mm top tube, whereas a moderate mountain bike has a 600mm top tube. That’s a 60mm chasm, which is enormous.

When you install road bars on a mountain bike, your hands will be 2.5 inches further forward than they should be.

Aware of Fork fitting

But if you really want to change then all you have to do now is make sure the pipe (I’m sure it has a name, but English mechanical words are beyond me) fits into the fork and can be fastened.

The only issue I see with this is how much strain it puts on your wrists because you lean forward and the standard handlebars aren’t positioned ergonomically for that.

Need of brake-shift levers and Cable Hanger

Be aware that you’ll also want road bike brake-shift levers, as well as a new stem to get the desired reach. It’s not a cheap option unless you have the parts on hand. The best option is to use bar-end shifters. It may be tough to locate some that are compatible with the gear of an older bike. If you’re out of options and can’t utilize index shifting, keep the friction option in mind.

You may use any cassette, brake, and rear-wheel with it. It’s also necessary to have a stem that elevates the bar higher enough for comfort and stability.

Consider the shape of the frame in terms of riding posture. Under-curved bars would be unpleasant on almost every suspension-framed MTB, and they might be unsafe in terms of your gravity field. You’ll also require some other components, such as a front brake cable hook.

If you’re recycling shifters and brakes from a spare parts package, make sure to replace the wires with new ones for safety and improved performance. Have a blast!


Bicycling is a quick, inexpensive, and healthful method to get from point A to point B. It’s also a statement of uniqueness because riding styles frequently mirror the rider’s personality; for example, laid-back individuals love cruiser handlebars, but a hyperactive person like myself prefers a handlebar that can accommodate a variety of riding patterns.

It’s critical to use a bicycle handle that leaves you feeling one with your bike, not just in terms of handling and efficiency, but also as if it’s an extension of yourself. I hope our road bike handlebar review has assisted you in your search for the ideal handlebar.

Furthermore, I hope that the knowledge in this book will help you to improve your entire bike experience. Choosing handlebars is perhaps the most essential contact point on your bike, and while mounting handlebars on your mountain bike does not always have disadvantages, you must be mindful of a number of factors.