Bicycles, while being awesome, tons of fun, and great exercise do have one big downside, storage. They tend to be heavy, an awkward size and can’t just be thrown on a shelf somewhere and forgotten about. Because of this, we dug into every different way that we could think of that you would need to store a bike, and offer an awesome way to solve that problem. This ranges from simple things like storing a bike in your backyard, to how to fit your bike into a tiny home.

Our FavoritesThe Products
Backyard StorageYardStash 3
Garage StorageRAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist
Apartment StorageRäis Premium Bike Rack Shelf
RV StorageCamco RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack
Truck Bed StorageMBP Alloy Quick Release Fork Mount Bike Block

1. YardStash 3 – Best for Storing In Your Backyard

This is probably the most common place many people will be wanting to keep their bicycles. It’s easy to just leave them in the yard, and then be able to jump on your bike and go whenever you want.

However there are so many issues with doing this incorrectly, instead you need to make sure they are safe from elements, being stolen, and so many other things that come with leaving your bike in the backyard.

To fix this issue, we recommend getting yourself something like the YardStash 3. This little unit is put up just like a tent, but keeps your bike out of site, and out of the elements. It can put anywhere outside, but is best alongside a fence or next to your home.

Thankfully, this also is rated for snow! Meaning that it is both heavy duty, and also has an angle to the roof so that snow will easily slide off.

Going camping? The YardStash can also pack up in a to-go bag and go with you!

2. RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist – Best for Storing in the Garage

The garage can be an ideal place to keep your bicycle ! It is close to the road for convenience, there is a large door to let you out, and is relatively safe for keeping your bike as most garage doors are locked.

However the biggest difficulty is the fact that garages are only so big, and that space fills up quickly, especially when it comes to bikes.

That is where a good bicycle hoist is an awesome solution, and more specifically the RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist. For a great price, you can easily take your bicycle off the floor, and up to the ceiling of your garage.

This means you no longer have to step around your bike in the already cramped garage, and you don’t have to worry about knocking the bike over and damaging it, or other things around it.

It is super easy to then just bring the bike down and remove it from the hoist whenever you want to take your bike out for a quick spin.

3. Räis Premium Bike Rack Shelf – Storing in an apartment (a flat)

Apartments (aka flats) are a difficult type of living situation for those that enjoy getting to ride bikes as a way of transportation.

Apartments generally don’t have a ton of space, especially when it comes to outdoor storage, so you have to get creative on the inside of the apartment!

Much like a garage, apartments only have so much space, and one of the easiest places to keep the bike without taking up your much needed floor space is by keeping it on the wall.

The Räis Shelf is not only utilitarian, it also helps display your bicycle as art as well. The shelf is made of wood, and even has a shelf built in to keep things like plants, or even your helmet or gloves.

It may be a big high up their on the price point, but it is well worth it when this becomes such a focal point of your apartment.

4. StoreYourBoard Bike Storage Rack – Best for Storing in a Shed

If you don’t have a garage on your house, or at least don’t have space in it, then a storage shed is going to be the next best place! This is also a great outdoor area, that also keeps rust off of your bikes!

However just like everything else, you need to conserve space wherever possible, and with storage sheds a wall rack is an awesome option for multiple bikes.

The StoreYourBoard Bike Storage Rack is a popular option that gives space for 5 bikes in a space that normally could only fit 1.

Basically you are hanging your bike from the front wheel, and the rear wheel will rest on the wall itself.

It also is awesome, as it folds away easily when not in use, meaning you don’t have to move things around nearly as often in your storage shed, which lets be honest, that is what you do for most of the time you spend in your storage shed anyways.

5. TeamObsidian Bike Cover – Best Storage for a Balcony

One of the awesome things about keeping your bike on a balcony is security!

Generally speaking, if you are a story off the ground, then you don’t have to worry about people stealing your bike.

However you do have to worry about keeping your bike out of the elements.

That is why I highly recommend getting yourself a good quality bike cover to get yourself set up for success. This TeamObsidian Bike Cover is a popular option, and can easily be used for 1, 2, or even 3 bikes depending on what you need.

It also is great for windy areas, as it can’t easily be blown off the bikes!

Of course, this also would be a great option for anyone that just needs a good bike cover as well.

6. Camco RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack – Best Storage for an RV

Taking your bicycle with you while out RVing is so important! It is your way to get around when you are stopped for the day, or even weeks at a time.

So making sure you have space on your RV to make that happen is so important.

Unfortunately most RVs also need to have their hitch available to tow trailers, extra vehicles and more, so you can’t use the normal hitch based bike racks.

Thankfully, most RVs have a ladder on the rear of the RV, and that is where the Camco RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack comes into the picture!

This bike rack attaches itself to the rear ladder, and gives you some hanging mounts for your bicycles.

It’s easy to install, easy to remove, and is also a great price for what you get out of it!

7. Wallmaster Bike Rack – Best Storage for Tiny House

Having a tiny home, also means having a tiny amount of storage space! Bicycles on the other hand have a tendency to take up a larger amount of floor. Instead of keeping your bike on the floor, you should be keeping it on the wall!

The Wallmaster Bike Rack is a great way to do this. It keeps your bike vertically on the wall, and I would highly recommend keeping it flush up against a wall in the corner of your tiny home.

This will keep it out of the way, and be able to maintain your much needed square footage.

It is extremely easy to put the bike up, and take the bike down when you need, that way you can continue your favorite 2-wheeled sport with no problems.

Thankfully this bike rack’s price matches your house, tiny.

8. Thule ProRide XT Roof Bike Rack – Best Storage On a Vehicle

[Image does not represent actual product]

If you are looking to take your bike with you on a road trip, or just around town, you need to have a good solution for taking it with you!

Unlike when you are overlanding (of which we’ll address later in this article), you likely have plenty of space on the top of your vehicle, and that is where the Thule ProRide XT Roof Bike Rack will work awesome.

I like that roof racks for bikes keeps your vehicle just as easy to drive with it, as it is without it, meaning your vehicle isn’t any longer than it would be normally, and sensors (and license plates) are not covered up.

That said, these roof racks do make your car taller, which can be a pain as you go through drive through restaurants and parking garages. However I personally think that this type of bike rack has way more upsides than downsides.

It should also be mentioned that this is one of the best options for those that have sedans or vehicles without hitches. These are considerably better for your vehicle, and won’t cause nearly the paint damage that you would see on a bike rack that is strapped to the rear of the vehicle.

9. Bike U Lock – Best Bike Storage while at School

When it comes to storing your bicycle at school, security trumps all other things, even keeping the bike out of the rain.

Because of this, our favorite gear for storing your bike at school has to be a good quality bike lock.

The Bike U Lock is a high security, yet budget friendly lock that should help you keep your bike safe during the day while you are learning.

The Bike U Lock locks around your rear wheel, and then the included cable wraps around the frame, and up to the front wheel.

This means you can lock your bike up not only to some external pole, or bike rack, but also up to itself, immobilizing it.

That said, keeping your bike in good condition is also important! So make sure to keep a good lightweight bike cover like this one around to keep your bike out of the elements, even when you are at school.

10. Bike Rooms – Best Bike Storage for Tall Apartment Buildings (Sky Scrapers)

Tall apartment buildings, or even sky scrapers tend to cause a bit of an issue with cyclists! There are stairs, elevators, carpeting and many other issues that bicycles just don’t mix with. Because of this, you have to think about your bicycle before ever choosing an apartment in a building like this.

Unfortunately there isn’t much you can buy to fix this issue, however you can shop around to different apartment buildings that offer more bicycle friendly accomodations.

This would be in the form of a bike room! These rooms are generally on the first floor of the building, and are dedicated to storage of all of the bicycles in that building. They should be locked up with either keys, or with a pass code to be able to access the room.

Just make sure when you are shopping around, that you keep an eye out for this, otherwise you will be stuck taking your bike apart and carrying it with you to your apartment.

That said, you should get yourself a good bike lock like the one below!

11. MBP Alloy Quick Release Fork Mount Bike Block – Best Bike storage for a truck bed

Taking your bike along in your pickup truck bed is surprisingly difficult if you don’t have a good way to keep it in there.

If you put your bike in the bed without securing it, you are just asking for scratches, bent derailleurs, and twisted wheels.

Thankfully, there is an incredibly easy, and compact way of fixing this problem, and that would be the MBPFork Mount Block.

This mount gets bolted into the bed of your truck, and then you forget about it until you need to take your bike with you.

Once you are ready, you take your front wheel off of the bike and set the front fork onto this mount! Easy.

This will keep your bike upright, and not tumbling around in the bed. If you have multiple bikes, you can install a couple more, and you are good to go.

12. Houseware 6 Bicycle Storage Stand – Best Bike Storage for a Business

So many people nowadays, and especially in the city are starting to ride their bicycles to work!

Because of this, businesses should most definitely be thinking ahead and giving their workers a great place to store them. If you are a business, and are wanting to make this happen, there thankfully is a great, budget option out there.

The Houseware 6 Bicycle Storage Stand offers storage for up to 6 bicycle, and is an awesome price!

I would recommend purchasing a couple of these, and finding a good place under a covered area to keep the bicycles safe.

Also make sure to have people purchase themselves some locks to keep them from getting stolen!

Another thing to make sure you have done, is to lag bolt this bike stand down to the ground, otherwise someone might just take the whole thing!

13. MAXXHAUL Hitch Platform Bike Rack – Best Bike Storage for Overlanding

Are you someone that likes to go overlanding in your truck or SUV, but also want to take your bike?

Putting your bicycles on the roof are difficult because you may need to go under low hanging trees, or even bridges.

So you have to have it in the back, however many bike racks keep bikes too low to the ground to do off-roading. So that is where you get the platform style bike rack from Maxxhaul.

Having a platform style hitch mounted bike rack keeps your bike rack away from the ground, and are considerably more stable as compared to hitch mounted bike racks that hang your bike from the frame.

This one from Maxxhaul can hold two bikes, and is relatively compact, which is definitely something that you want when you are traveling long distance.

What to think about when you are going to store your bicycle?

Location that the bike needs to go

Before you go too far into buying something, you definitely need to figure out exactly where you are wanting to keep the bike. Sometimes, even if you have a backyard, the best place may actually be inside of your house, rather than outside! Find out where you have a little bit of extra space, and then figure out the best solution for that space.

Thankfully, we went rather in depth with ideas for difference spaces in the buyers guide above.

Your budget

Some storage options for bicycles are not cheap! So make sure to set your budget before buying a storage solution for your bicycle. There really is a good option for any budget, you just have to have one to get started.

What type of bike you own

There are many, many different types of bikes out there, and most storage options will work for most bikes ! However there are newer bikes like Fat Tire bikes or E-bikes that might have a hard time fitting on, or in some different storage options on the market today.

Just make sure that whatever bike you might have, that it will work with the option that you have chosen to store it in. Nothing is worse then spending money on something that just won’t work.

Keeping it out of the elements

The biggest concern when it comes to storage has to be the need to keep it out of the elements! Too many times do I see bicycles sitting the rain, the sun, snow, and then rain again. This causes plenty of issues with bicycles including them falling apart , which is just unfortunate.

Make sure that when you are thinking about storage for your bike, that whatever is chosen will also keep your bike out of the elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most space efficient way to store bikes?

From what I have found, keeping you bike up off of the floor is going to be the most space efficient way to store your bicycle. Whether that be hanging it on the wall, or using a bike hoist to take it up to the ceiling of your garage or home. This allows you to still maintain your floor space for living, rather than storing your bicycle.

Can you store a bike under a bed?

If you have a bed that is high enough off the floor, it is possible to store your bike under the bed. You will have to remove your front wheel, and have enough space to be able to clear the width of your pedals. There of course are much better ways to store your bike that we have gone over in this article though.


Storing your bicycle is probably one of the biggest problems that cyclists run into during their ownership! It can be a pain, or it can be easy. Hopefully this list made it a little easier to make your bike ownership that much better.