Gold bike chains help your bike stand out from the crowd. However, are they worth the extra money if they have no impact on performance or durability? 

Firstly, not all chain manufacturers offer gold chains, for no reason other than they are not as popular as the standard silver chains on the market and are more expensive to make.

So are gold bike chains better? It is important to bear in mind that gold bike chains are basically just your traditional silver chain with a gold coating. They are not made of any type of superior material. 

Do gold bike chains improve performance?

There is absolutely no evidence to support any claims that the gold coating makes them any more efficient or smoother to ride.

By far, the most significant impact on your performance, when looking at your chain, will be how well maintained and clean it is. 

They can be a bit lighter than a typical silver chain. However, this is usually down to an innovative design, such as slotted chain links (small gap in the middle) instead of the material.

Do gold bike chains have better durability?

As mentioned above, gold chains are often your regular silver chain with a fancy coating. This means that there is little improvement to the durability of the bike chain.

The coating addition does not make it anymore hard-wearing or less susceptible to stretching than your traditional chain. 

Are gold bike chains better?

There is no evidence that a gold chain gives you better performance or increased durability than the same chain in the standard silver/metallic finish. However, there is no denying that they look awesome. 

So if you want to jazz up your bike a bit and add a bit of flair to an otherwise dull-looking drivetrain, then why not invest in a gold bike chain. But be mindful that it will do little more than just that, look cool!